Top Tips To Lose Weight Up To 20 Kg In One Week

Top Tips To Lose Weight Up To 20 Kg In One Week

Often after childbirth will cause your weight to rise dramatically, and at that very moment you really want a diet that can quickly lose weight.

But does it happen? how do?

On this occasion I will discuss about how to lose weight up to 20 kg in a week.

Various studies show, that causes a person to gain weight that causes a person difficulty to do a diet program to overcome this obesity.

Consuming too many saturated fatty foods, consuming too many sweet foods and drinks, and also consuming too many high-calorie foods can make weight gain drastically.

In addition, an unhealthy lifestyle also greatly affects your weight condition, such as rarely exercising, stress, alcoholic drinks and lack of sleep.

If you still do these bad habits, then you will have difficulty in losing weight and get the ideal body weight.

Here are some tips and ways to lose weight up to 20 kg a week:

Vegetable Diet

If on the first day you are encouraged to diet with a variety of fruits other than bananas, then on the second day of your diet you are free to consume any vegetables you like either in raw or cooked first.

However, it is not recommended to process it by frying, which is recommended to process it by boiling. Some types of vegetables that are recommended at diet include :
  1. Carrot
  2. Broccoli
  3. Spinach
  4. Bean
  5. Mustard
  6. Sprouts
  7. Chayote
Some vegetables above are the vegetables recommended in the diet on the second day, you can consume them by boiling or eaten raw.

And do not forget to keep your water needs sufficient.

Fruit Diet

On the first day how to lose 20 kg a week, consume complete fruits, any kind of fruits you like or fruit for the diet.

But the fruit that should not be consumed is bananas on this first day diet. In contrast, the highly recommended fruits are as follows :

1# Avocado

In this avocado does contain rich in fat, but in this avocado fat contained in it is healthy fats or unsaturated fats, which do not accumulate in the body and make fat.

These fats actually help you create the body and ideal body weight and are also indispensable in the process of body metabolism.

Benefits of avocado for this diet include is to facilitate the body's metabolism, provide a longer satiety and shed fat that accumulate evil.

Because the content is also rich in nutrients so that this fruit is one of the nutrients needed when dieting.

2# Pear

Efficacy of pears for the diet is no doubt, its vitamin C content and also its calories and low fat can prevent the accumulation of fat and is very good for you who want to run low-fat diet and glycemic content can also reduce blood sugar levels, a choice for diabetics as food for diabetics.

3# Watermelon

The nutrient content of fat can effectively reduce fat in the stomach quickly.

High mineral content and also vitamin C, is very good in reducing fat in the body, so it can avoid excess fat.

And is a good fruit for a powerful dietary way.

4# Pineapple

Other fruits are recommended when the diet program is pineapple, pineapple efficacy for this diet because of its rich content of nutrients and also its water content and enzyme bromelain.

Water on pineapple can help improve the process of burning calories and effectively lose weight, the content of bromelain enzyme in pineapple can improve the digestion process in the body.

With its nutrient-rich content, pineapple can be a natural ingredient to help your diet program.

That's just some examples of fruits recommended in your diet program, but you also can still consume other fruits than bananas on the first day of this diet.

And remember, do not eat other heavy foods other than fruit on this first day if you want your diet to run as expected.

5# Pomelo

The content of vitamin C and also the fiber found in this grapefruit, can increase the body's metabolism, shed fat and able to provide a longer satiety.

This grapefruit also includes low-calorie diet foods that are perfect for you who are doing the diet with fruits.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

On the third day how to lose 20 kg of weight in a week you can consume both, fruits and various vegetables.

The trick is that you consume the fruit in the morning, then the vegetables in the afternoon and fruit again in the evening.

But the way is not absolute, you can change your own as you wish, but remember, to still not consume heavy food other than fruit and vegetables.

And remember to meet your water needs, which is 8-12 glasses of water per day.

Consumption Banana and Milk

On the fourth day is to consume at least 10 bananas a day and drink three glasses of milk.
You can do, ie in the morning consumption of bananas and a glass of milk, then the afternoon is still the same and so with the night.

Consumption Rice and Vegetables

On this sixth day you are allowed to eat rice during the day with a cup of rice and vegetables all day.

Consumption of Rice, Vegetables and Fruit Juice

On the seventh or last day, you are allowed to consume rice with vegetables and added with fruit juice.

Consumption of Rice and Tomatoes

Entering the fifth day, congratulations you are allowed to eat rice. You are allowed to eat rice during the day with a cup of rice, and consume tomatoes throughout the day.

Increase your water intake to 12-15 glasses per day, that was some tips and how to lose weight up to 20 kg a week. Good luck !!

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