13 Ways to Treat Heartburn With Natural Ingredients

13 Ways to Treat Heartburn With Natural Ingredients

Treatment of heartburn is much sought after by people because ulcer is a disease that is often suffered by many people.

Many people who have this disease due to their poor diet so that stomach acid will be high.

There are several kinds of foods that become abstinence stomach acid, one of which is the lemon due to the danger of lemon for ulcer patients can cause pain and pain in the stomach.

Symptoms of ulcer disease are often ignored so that many of them seek treatment when the stomach has a wound or ulcer. If it were so, the diet should be regular so that heartburn does not get worse.

Stomach ulcers are also often associated with high stomach acid in the stomach of a person, therefore we must know how to treat high stomach acid when the ulcer strikes.

Here is how to treat the most effective ulcer you can do yourself at home, of course by using natural ingredients :

1# Soybean Extract

The first way that you can use to treat heartburn is to use soy essence, soybean extract products can eliminate ulcers effectively, this is because the content of substances that exist in soy essence such as antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, proteins and vegetable fats.

All the ingredients that exist in soy is able to treat heartburn.

2# Soybeans Seeds

If you do not find soy sauce you can use soybean seeds as a medicine for heartburn, first roast beans, then puree and blend the soybeans until it is completely smooth.

After that brewed soybean seeds use hot water and drink while warm, do it regularly so your heartburn symptoms gradually improve.

3# Green Beans

How to remove the ulcer is the next effective use of green beans, in addition to eating green beans directly you can also consume a variety of preparations from green beans like green beans porridge, green bean juice and many more.

Green beans can also be used to maintain the health of the stomach so that the stomach is not easily exposed to high stomach acid.

Soak the green beans for 30 minutes then boil the green beans using water until boiling.

You can drink boiled water as well as mamakan green beans, do at least once a day for your heartburn soon healed.

4# Bay Leaf

This greeting leaves can be used to overcome high gastric acid, when high stomach acid will feel sore, that's when you can drink a herb of bay leaves to normalize the acid condition of your stomach.

Prepare some bay leaves and wash thoroughly with running water, boil with water and add enough sugar to taste.

Boil until boiling and while warmly drink one day one glass of boiling water bay leaves, daily do it regularly until the ulcer pain that you suffered is completely lost.

5# Guava Leaf

Guava leaves other than can be used to eliminate diarrhea diseases can also be used to relieve heartburn.

Guava leaves contain a variety of substances such as high antioxidants and anti-mutagenic compounds, flavonoids, polyphenyls, saponins, alkaloids, carotenoids and quinones.

All of these ingredients can be used for health as well as beauty.

Take some seeds of guava leaves that have been washed clean.

Boil the leaves of the seeds using water, then drink boiled water guava leaves at morning and also night, try drinking the potion after eating.

Perform these steps regularly so that your heartburn soon healed.

6# Temulawak

ulcer treatment can be using traditional ingredients of temulawak, currently temulawak commonly used to treat various diseases such as children difficult to eat and treat appendix.

Slice and cut the temulawak into sections after that dry the sliced ​​temulawak, after drying boiled sliced ​​ginger it uses water and left to boil.

After that you can drink it while warm, drink regularly until your heartburn heal and just one glass of water every day.

7# Nutmeg

The way to treat ulcer disease next is by using nutmeg, nutmeg seeds are believed to cure heartburn.

Take the seeds of nutmeg and dried bananas, mashing the two ingredients until they are completely smooth.

Then brew these two ingredients using warm water and stirring evenly and drink the steep water once a day on a regular basis.

8# Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known for its health benefits as well as for beauty, aloe vera can be used as one way to relieve heartburn.

Peel the aloe vera and just grab the skin only, then clean the skin of aloe from the mucus by using water.

After that boil with water until boiling and wait until the water becomes half, so the bitter taste of aloe vera can be lost You can add honey to the boiled water of aloe vera.

9# Avocado Leaves

Avocado fruit has been believed to be used in terms of beauty and health. The content of vitamin E in the avocado fruit is believed to be used to moisturize the skin and maintain healthy skin.

Not only that, in avocado health can be a way of fattening the body naturally and can be used to educate the baby's brain.

Not only the fruit is beneficial but there are several properties of avocado seeds and also the efficacy of the avocado leaf.

Benefits of avocado leaves can be used to treat heartburn effectively and efficiently.

Take some avocado leaves and wash the avocado leaves with running water.

Then dry the avocado leaves until completely dry, after the avocado leaves to dry chopping until smooth.

Take a tablespoon chopped avocado leaves that have been dried and brewed with a glass of hot water.

Stir until evenly distributed and you can drink it while the water is still warm steaming, drinking water boiling it twice in a day so that the ulcer that you suffered and disappeared.

This boiling water can also be used to normalize high gastric acid so that the burning sensation and heat will decrease.

10# Avocado

Not only dry avocado leaves that can be used to treat ulcers but avocado can be used to relieve heartburn.

Various kinds of content in the avocado can be used to neutralize the high stomach acid conditions.

Eating half an avocado before meals can be used to relieve soreness and normalize high gastric acid levels.

Consume the avocado regularly for your heartburn soon gradually improve.

11# Papaya Seeds

How to cope with ulcer disease next is to use papaya seeds, how to cope with ulcer disease by using papaya seeds are as follows.

Dry the papaya seed by drying it, then puree the papaya seed until it is really soft.

Then brewed papaya seeds that have been smooth use hot water, stirring until evenly after that drink the potion while warm and drink regularly until the condition of the stomach and your heartburn improved.

12# Original Honey

Original honey is no doubt usefulness for health, unfortunately the original honey is hard to find because many producers of naughty honey that mixes the original honey with sugar Java.

It's easy to know where the real honey and where the honey is fake, you just put honey into the freezer.

If the honey is frozen means the honey is fake while if it does not freeze then the honey is the original honey.

Honey is not only useful for health but also useful for beauty, how to eliminate heartburn using native honey is very easy that you only need to drink the original honey every day In addition can be used to normalize your stomach acid can also increase stamina using the original honey.

13# Wheat

How to overcome the ultimate effective ulcer is to use wheat, wheat is useful to help the digestive organs, especially the stomach that has high stomach acid. The content of vitamin E and various other vitamins that have wheat seeds is very useful to be able to treat heartburn.

In order for your ulcer disease to disappear soon, you must be careful and regular in taking the traditional herbs mentioned above. Not only that you should also stay away from the cause of high stomach acid that can cause ulcers and begin to apply the diet regularly.

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